5 Foods to make you Happier

At the moment I think we all need some help with a little bit of happy. The days are starting to brighten up, but winter is a huge factor in feeling low because you don’t get as much vitamin D, especially when there’s nothing to really go out for. This article is just to help with some ideas of how to boost some vitamins that can help you boost positivity and happiness.


Bananas, apart from being the perfect accompaniment to a bowl of custard, also have some brilliant properties to help you in many ways. Not only are they a fantastic source of potassium, which helps with muscle cramps and improves sleep quality, but they’re a fantastic supply of Vitamin B6, Fibre, Carbohydrate and contain some vitamin C. Many people who work out regularly will eat a banana as a pre workout snack to help stave off muscle cramps, and boost energy.

A less well-known fact of Bananas, however, is that they contain a chemical called Tryptophan. According to some studies, Tryptophan is a brain chemical which helps to regulate mood so on top of this and the vitamin B folate, it could help give you a bit of a boost as low levels of these vitamins have been linked to Depression.

Dark Chocolate

We often think of Chocolate as being a treat food that we should avoid, but Dark Chocolate is actually very nutritious as it is a powerful source of antioxidants. This food could help improve blood flow and lower blood pressure, reduce your risk of Heart Disease, and improve brain function. If you’re one of those people who reaches for the chocolate bars when times get tough, it’s entirely possible that that craving is actually your body wanting these benefits.

According to a study in the Journal of Proteome Research, Dark Chocolate has been found to reduce the stress hormone Cortisol.


Unsurprisingly, Salmon is another fitness lover’s go to food as it is high in protein and Omega 3, as well as containing high levels of B Vitamins, Potassium and Antioxidants.

It’s actually the Omega 3, which we associate as being good for brain function, which is also going to tap into your mood banks. Not only does this fatty acid give us a boost when studying, but it can improve your mood and fight Depression according to Pharmacological Research.


A good source of fibre and plant protein, mushrooms are fantastic for muscle repair but also offer a high source of antioxidants so they can help to mitigate the risk of developing serious health conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Heart Disease, Cancer and Diabetes.

These little health helpers are also surprisingly high in Vitamin D so they’re fantastic to boost your wellbeing and get that extra Vitamin D during the winter months where sunlight is scarce. Low levels of Vitamin D are well known for links to low-mood and depression.


We all know that Spinach was Popeye’s food of choice, and it has many fantastic properties such as a host of Vitamins A, B, C and K as well as magnesium and iron. So, it isn’t surprising that it was advertised as helping to make you stronger.

It is, however, the folate, which is its superpower when it comes to mood, because according to the Journal of Physiology Folic Acid alleviates depression and reduces fatigue.

I try to have all these things in my diet in some volume, you can incorporate them really easily and I actually have both spinach and mushrooms in my breakfast fairly often. Obviously, these foods aren’t going to completely change your life, but it’s a good way of boosting those all-important vitamins to keep you on an even keel. There is no weakness in needing a boost and particularly when your mind and body are asking for it, it is very important to oblige.

Remember, you are number one, and without you being in tip top condition, you cannot help anyone else. So, take those breaks, have that lay in, go read a book or whatever you love doing. Keep your mind active and happy and the rest will follow.

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