Pigtot by R H Stankowitz

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Something a bit different around these parts, Pigtot! This one is a Children’s Book, aimed at small children who don’t want to do as they’re told, Pigtot is simple and nicely illustrated rhyming story.

We begin by following Pigtot through all the things he doesn’t want to do, and then we see what that turns into. We learn what doing our chores and keeping ourselves clean can do for us, and we see the pay off as Pigtot changes at the end.

I think it’s a really nice book to read to small children and help teach them about tidying up, we’ve all been there, when we’ve gone to bed and the mess in the room looks like something scary. We’ve all felt the relief when it’s all clean and tidy. Yet it’s so difficult to keep everything nice and tidy.

I was definitely a Pigtot growing up!
Now, it’s worth mentioning, I could not get this to work on my Kindle. The reason for that is obvious but I want to mention it just in case it’s not that clear to other people. Yes, this says it is available for Kindle on Amazon and it is but be aware it is not going to work on older devices. Mine is a Kindle Paperwhite so it’s great for books and some illustrations but not for everything. This book is in colour and is very picture based – as you’d expect with an early year’s children’s book, so you will be able to use it on the Kindle app on your smartphone which is how I read it. Alternatively, if you have the newer kindles which resemble a tablet it will work on those. There may be other kindles that it will work on, but I can confirm it will not work on the paperwhite or anything older.

Happy Pigtotting!

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