Release Day: I Spit Myself Out by Tracy Fahey

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Happy Release Day Tracy Fahey!

You may have noticed teasers from The Sinister Horror Company for this book popping up on social media for a while, unfortunately on this occasion I was unable to volunteer for an early review due to my prior commitments, however I didn’t want the occasion to go unannounced here at Rebbie Reviews.

You may remember Tracy from my review of The Unheimlich Manoeuvre which was my first dabble in her work, she has also released other stories both solo and in collections with other authors, so do make sure you have a look at her author page because she’s got a lot to offer.

In this book Tracy, together with publisher The Sinister Horror Company, has compiled eighteen female voiced stories for us to enjoy and this has of course been set for release during Women In Horror Month which is very fitting.

Here’s the description from the book:

Eighteen unsettling narratives map the female experience from puberty to menopause.

I Spit Myself Out is a collection of female-voiced stories exploring the terror that lurks beneath the surface of the skin.

In this collection, an Anatomical Venus opens to display her organs, clients of a mysterious clinic disappear one by one, a police investigation reveals family secrets, revenge is inked in the skin, and bodies pulsate in the throes of illness, childbirth and religious ritual.

Disturbing and provoking in equal turns, I Spit Myself Out reinvents the body as a breeding ground of terrors that resurface inexorably in the present.

I will be, at some point, checking this out I’m just working through some backlog and getting down some of my physical copies as you’ll have noticed from this months theme on the blog, but do go check her out and be sure to leave her a review on Amazon and Goodreads, plus any other platforms you use. Reviews are incredibly helpful to the Authors!

Have a lovely weekend, and once again to Tracy and the Sinister Horror Company, Congratulations!

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