Bed of Crimson Joy by Jasper Bark


“Ok…this is… different…” I thought as I tried to keep an open mind….

This is one of the stranger books I’ve read but given that it’s Jasper Bark, that’s not all that surprising. I actually really enjoyed this story, I wasn’t expecting the story to take the turns it did so it was interesting to see where the author took it.

I was of course mortified about the idea someone might read it over my shoulder and see that I appeared to be reading an old person erotica at one point. Luckily, as I looked around me nobody was giving me concerned glances – for a change.

The writing in this story is good, it’s only a short read at 56 pages but it does have it’s little surprises and good imagery along with some poetry too, in fact, the title of the book is mentioned during the story and I really enjoyed that.

If you want a quick but horrifying adventure, I’d recommend this one for a bit of hair raising fun.

Grab Your Copy!

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Halloween 2016 – Keith by Andrew Lennon, Narrated by Steve White

happy-halloweenHappy Halloween Readers! The most wonderful time of the year is here with fresh mornings, crispy leaves, ghouls and gobins lurking around the corners..

I love Halloween, every year I try to do something special for it, this year whilst we’re not going away anywhere we will be celebrating. This year we’re hoping for Trick or Treaters and I’ve even got my work involved so we get to dress up! It’s going to be ghou-lush!

So without further ado, I’d like to introduce a story called Keith to get you in the freaky mood…



Keith is the story of an unremarkable man, on a journey of friendship and fear. Our main character John has a dark side that I can really relate to, referring of course to situations he gets into where the general public inspire dark monologues which are fairly common throughout the story.

One day he meets Keith, who after an awkward start quickly becomes his best friend. Unfortunately Keith’s dark side is rather less restrained and wreaks havoc on John’s life.

I can’t tell you too much more about it without spoiling the story as it is a short, however it has a bit of a twist to it. I did enjoy it and it shows some real promise. I think Andrew Lennon has more to show us and with each story his writing grows. I’d definitely like to see more from this author.

A creepy little read which will get you in the mood for Halloween, grab it here!


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The Viking’s Apprentice by Kevin McLeod, Narrated by Danielle Cohen.

Vikings Apprentice.png

I recently listened to the Audiobook of The Vikings Apprentice by Kevin McLeod, having already read the book in it’s Kindle format I thought a new review would be a good idea. In part, to give people some insight into whether it’s something they might like to listen to, but also to give comparison between the different formats.

First of all, the Audiobook is nicely put together. The narrator speaks clearly throughout and doesn’t mix up any names or stumble over any of the dialogue. These are very important aspects of audio which don’t always go to plan!

When I read the book, I thoroughly enjoyed the story. I felt that whilst children would love it, it also reached out to an adult audience as well. My only gripe with the audio version is that it feels like a children’s book. It’s still very much all there when it comes to the action a little way through the book but it does sound like Miss Cohen is reading to a group of children. It’s in the tone of voice. That being said. The Viking’s Apprentice IS a children’s book so it’s not really a fair gripe.

Regardless of what I’ve just said, I did enjoy the audio experience. I had already read the book so I knew it was worth continuing with the story and I wasn’t disappointed. The story doesn’t lose anything between being a book or an audio file. I think it’s just that, for me at least, when I read it, it seemed much darker than when Miss Cohen read it to me.

Grab it

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Smoke BBQ – 1 St Paul’s Square, Sheffield.


We’ve been to Smoke a few times now and I feel I’ve tried enough to give it a really good review. I have never been disappointed with a visit to smoke, the first time we went with friends before going to the theatre and we were absolutely stuffed afterwards.

That evening I had the Chilli Cheese Burger which was really nice and I’d say it’s my favourite out of the dishes I’ve tried so far. We also had the jalapeno corn bread as a side order which is served warm with butter and honey.

The portions at Smoke don’t look quite as big as they actually are. We were absolutely stuffed but yet didn’t want to leave anything because it’s so nice.

The following visits included the Turkey Leg Pit Plate and the Pulled Pork and Slaw Burger. These were both really nice but neither topped the Chilli Cheese Burger.

The place itself is very clean, the staff are really friendly and you get a little pot of popcorn on your table whilst you’re ordering.

I have never yet managed to try a desert at Smoke and whilst I’d really like to try one, I’d much rather stuff my face on the main course and miss out on the sweets.

The dishes people had on our visits which I didn’t try but did get a good look at are;

Hot Link Sausage Pit Plate

Beer Mac and Cheese Burger.

They also serve soft drinks, wine, beer, cocktails and milk shakes.

Well worth a visit and really not as expensive as you might think.

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A Life to Waste by Andrew Lennon, Narrated by Steve White.

A Life to Waste.PNG

I want to like this book, I do, and the story is very good. However..

The title of the book is immediately followed by “A novel of violence and horror”.. I really didn’t find it particularly violent..

I mean. There is violence in it, but I wouldn’t call it a novel of violence. It’s hard to explain without giving away the whole thing and once it gets going it has a really dark section to it, but it didn’t shock me or horrify me.

I think the book would stand up a lot better if it didn’t come with the tag line. If you want to shock your audience, don’t market it as a violent book.

I’ll try to explain myself without giving too much away. There’s a lot of back story about our main character, Dave. We find out about who he’s become, how he started out and the events that led to present day Dave. It’s actually quite a way through the story when it picks up the pace and by that time I didn’t really care about his welfare.

It passed on some time, but I think it could have done with a bit of a polish. If the author really wanted it to be a violent book then it needs more, but if it was to simply be a horror/thriller all he’d have to do is tie up some loose ends. It’s ok to not explain everything, but it doesn’t really feel like it explains anything.

The narration was good, but sometimes during the voices Mr White goes a bit posh for no apparent reason. If you can’t keep a consistent voice I’d say it’s fair not to do voices.

If you’d like to give the book a go yourself, it can be found here

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American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis – Narrated by Nick Landrum


Thank goodness THAT’S over!

Seriously… I do love the story and the Movie Adaptation was a favourite movie of mine for quite a while, but my goodness is this book long.

Don’t get me wrong, the movie has it’s faults and I feel like way too much of the book was cut out. Not to mention the fact that the props had to be switched because some of the designers took issue with being in that sort of movie, but at least it didn’t outstay it’s welcome.

The constant descriptions lost their charm really fast, we get it.. move on.. I think the author could have definitely brought Pat Bateman across to us in much fewer words. The problem is, the level of descriptions actually down played the violence so much it was almost unnoticed.

On the Audio side of things, I think Nick Landrum is a good fit for Patrick Bateman and enjoyed the voice. The only issue I had was sometimes when he reads the chapter titles it just sounds like he’s repeating himself.

I know not everybody will agree, but in this book’s case I think a serious re-make of American Psycho – the movie is in order. Put more of the story into it whilst dialling back the nonsense to a tolerable degree.

If you would like to give the book a read, Click Here


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But…You’re a Horse by David Bussell

But You're a Horse

I saw this book on social media after the cover sparked a bit of interest amongst my Facebook friends and decided I needed to read it.

The book is good to pass some time on as it is a collection of humorous snippets which can easily be left for another time if you’re having a coffee or commuting to work. It made me smile, but it hasn’t made me laugh out loud.

Personally I feel that the book isn’t really anything you can’t get on Social Media as some of it is actually screenshot style pictures of Facebook threads. There are a couple of mistakes in the book too one of which being my pet hate – The wrong character name!

It’s not meant to be a serious book as you’ve probably noticed from the cover and this purchase in particular is an impulse “judged it by it’s cover” buy, but without meaning to sound like a complete pervert.. I’m almost disappointed that this isn’t some kind of mutant horse erotica novel!

I would look to read more in this vein, but it’s not the kind of book that will have you holding your sides or getting lost in the story.

Grab It!

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