Bed of Crimson Joy by Jasper Bark


“Ok…this is… different…” I thought as I tried to keep an open mind….

This is one of the stranger books I’ve read but given that it’s Jasper Bark, that’s not all that surprising. I actually really enjoyed this story, I wasn’t expecting the story to take the turns it did so it was interesting to see where the author took it.

I was of course mortified about the idea someone might read it over my shoulder and see that I appeared to be reading an old person erotica at one point. Luckily, as I looked around me nobody was giving me concerned glances – for a change.

The writing in this story is good, it’s only a short read at 56 pages but it does have it’s little surprises and good imagery along with some poetry too, in fact, the title of the book is mentioned during the story and I really enjoyed that.

If you want a quick but horrifying adventure, I’d recommend this one for a bit of hair raising fun.

Grab Your Copy!

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